The Indigo Sun Chronicles

by Jeff Scott Castle

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All music composed, performed, and recorded by Jeff Scott Castle.
Mastering and post production by Erich Hood for J-Bonz Productions.


released September 12, 2011

Many special thanks to Renee Blanche at Night Tides, Michael Andrews and Solarsoul of DI Space Dreams Channel, and Darrell Burgan, and Joe McMahon at Stillstream for their continued support on net radio.

And to Donna, Ryan and Sara, my love always and forever.



all rights reserved


Jeff Scott Castle

music says it all........

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Track Name: Escaping the Bonds of Earth
Preparing to leave the Earth and all those we love behind to search for new worlds.
Track Name: In Search of Life Organique
The search for life on other planets and other galaxies fills our thoughts with wild possibilities and with hope that we are not alone in this universe....
Track Name: Mystery Unfolding
Taking in all of the incredible sights and splendor of the universe the traveler is perplexed in watching dimensions shift and distort as the craft blasts it's way through wormholes and nebulous clouds at light speed...
Track Name: So Many Miles To Go
In the light of celestial beauty you sit at the control deck of your craft and ponder, with some degree of melancholy, the miles you've traveled and the impossible number of miles still left....
Track Name: Dreams in Hypersleep
As we travel into intergalactic deep space the need for use of the cryostasis chamber provides us with fragments of dreams of life back on Earth....
Track Name: Adrift in the Ether Sphere
this track is meant to convey the feeling of total weightlessness and the disorientation of a space walk gone adrift. The listener is initially untethered from the safety of the pod and floats further and further away into the black void of space with nothing but points of light in a vast expanse beneath them. The harder you reach the farther away you drift…
Track Name: Encounter at Hull Zero3
Originally inspired by the novel "Hull Zero Three" by author Greg Bear, the song takes the traveler into the dark unknown of deep space. Along this path, a few frightening and strange meetings are bound to happen.....
Track Name: Seven Sisters
The brilliant beauty of the Pleiades captures the imagination as we stare in awe and wonder....
Track Name: The Lure of Andromeda
beautiful and mysterious galaxy of Andromeda...her spiral arms welcome us in...
Track Name: Memories of Fragile Blue with light years between us and Mother Earth, the feeling of needing to be back in the fragile, protective warmth of home grows stronger than does the resolve to never take her for granted again.
Track Name: Indigo Sun Theme
basking in the light of a planet system that orbits a brilliant indigo blue star....